Email sending jobs have become a new trend in work from home jobs. Many new types of such jobs are available for the people who want to work from the comfort of their own home. Main advantage of these types of jobs is that these jobs can be done part time also. However in Email sending Jobs, there are few companies which promise very big salaries and too attractive stuff which they fail to abide by later on. So, we don’t promise very high or fake earnings, but we can assure you that the work provided by us will be 100% genuine and you will receive a handsome amount of money.

Whether you are a student, a housewife, an employee or a self employed person, you can still join us and have a wonderful opportunity to earn a decent amount of extra income. You need not work full time as the work given by us can be done at any time of the day.

We have started this work for the people who want to do extra work to earn extra money apart from their regular work. In less than 1 years, we have many associates working for us. Not only they are earning a good amount of money, they are also master of their time as they can do this work any time of the day and any days of the week.

Our work is very simple and you need not have any IT experience or computer expertise to do this work. Its just sending emails through your G-Mail or any other email service that you can use. If you experience any problem in doing our work, we are happy to assist.

FIX SALARY PROGRAM (How to apply online email job)

You can also join our fix salary program in which you will have to send 1 to 100 Emails per day i.e 1 to 700 emails in a week. You will receive Rs. 2100 per week from us i.e. Rs. 3 per email. So, through this program you can earn approximately Rs. 8,400 per month. However, you will receive your payment every week. Only normal skill you require for this job is sending email which you anyway do in your day to day life. However, you need to have access to Internet either from you home or some cafe. All the relevant details will be provided to you by email.note- we provide only email sending jobs only

why are you waiting for. Just pay the small joining fee only 680 and fill the Registration Form to become our member and start weekly  earning.

*Your Mode of Payment Are As Mentioned Below

  1. Online Bank Transfer
  2. By Cheque
  3. By Money Order


Registration fee Validity of work Daily email sending limit Weekly earning Earn per email
680 rupees 1 year 1 to 100 per day 2100rs fix 3 rupees

Why Should You Join Us? (Best 10 Reasons)

1. Work from anywhere your home or cafe.

2. You can 24 hour any time do email jobs.

3. Weekly payment. (Rs. 2100 fix payment)

4. Payment directly to your bank account (other payment methods also available).

5. 24 Hours Telephonic Support.

6. Guaranteed Payment.

7.You can start work with in 5 hours after pay 680 rupees registration fee.

8. Very Easy work (Just sending emails).

9. Complete Working Kit provided by the Company on your email with in 5 hour.

10. Very Low Joining Fee (Rs. 680 only ).