August 13, 2020

Online/Offline Copy Paste jobs

Are you non-technical? Do you have very limited knowledge of computer? Are you looking for simple copy past jobs as part time earning?


Copy & past jobs can help you to make some pocket money, this type of jobs are best suited for students, housewife, retiree person who have sufficient time to do extracurricular activities. The work can be down from anywhere either you are setting in park, hostel, college ground, playground , etc you do it as part wise to compete your daily targets. You don’t need to do it continuously whenever you get time you can start working on it.

What is online copy past jobs?

There are many ecommerce websites and blogs in which we have to put various text information’s from document file to the website URL. We have to put text to thousand of product or service pages so that end users can know the information about the services and products. You have to copy information for the word document file and then past it to the website by using admin panel.

What is Offline copy past jobs?

Offline work means you don’t need internet connection to do work. In offline work we will provide you hard copy of Text and you have to feed the text in MS word or Excel sheet. You have to write carefully all the text so that we can submit the softcopy to the company. Once you complete the work you have to send it via email attachment to us. Our team of expert will go through the document and then validate it.

Startup Package

  • Type : online Copy Paste
  • Reg. Fees: "Not applicable"
  • Validity: 12 month
  • Renew : manually
  • Rates : Rs 3/- Per Copy Paste Entry
  • Ads per month: 5000
  • Monthly earning: Rs- 15000/- INR
  • Payment: Monthly
  • Service tax: 18%
  • Agreement : Risk Free
  • Hidden Charges: NO
  • Life Time Membership : No

Business Package

  • Type : online/offline Copy Paste
  • Reg. Fees: "Rs 20,000"
  • Validity: 48 month
  • Renew : Auto
  • Ads per month: 50000
  • Monthly earning: Rs- 40000/- INR
  • Rates : Rs 10/- Per Copy Paste Entry
  • Max Monthly earning: Rs- 75000/
  • Payment: Monthly
  • Service tax: 18%
  • Agreement : Risk
  • Life Time Membership : Yes
  • Hidden Charges: NO